What Is Politics?

Politics is not Red & Blue. It is insuring clean air & untainted water for all

Politics is not MSNBC. It is community organizations coordinating a job fair

Politics is not FOX News. It is insuring no child is food-insecure

Politics is not the Filibuster. It is providing basic healthcare to all

Politics is not violent. It is peaceful, informed, lawful engagement

Politics is not corruption. It is public servants working for the greater good

Politics is not about having a fight. It is about beginning a conversation

Politics is as good, or as bad, as the people participating in it

Getting Started or The Neophyte Journey!

Politics is not intuitive to me. Although I’ve educated myself, come to know and respect people in public service & politics, and have volunteered for some extremely qualified people, I wasn’t raised in that world. Unsure how to navigate my way, I realized the only way forward for me was to do research.

So, I’ve been having conversations with local politicians and activists, asking stupid questions (“What does a county board even do?”), getting to know various progressive organizations, attending political events, reading, listening to podcasts, and just trying to figure out what the best way is I can engage to move the needle towards both protecting our democracy and steering the country in a more positive, inclusive, and just direction.

Also, I suspect I am not the only one horrified at what is happening in our country but unsure of how to contribute! Thusly, I will be chronicling my journey.

My communication style is chatty & anecdotal. I expect I’ll be yammering about my forays into this new realm, sharing helpful grassroots activism tips I learn along the way, and more.

I’m know I’m gonna make crazy, silly mistakes. In fact, I absolutely GUARENTEE I am going to offend somebody, post the wrong thing, crack a bad joke, hit “post” too soon, piss off a bigwig, tell a seasoned activist how to do things, say something wildly inappropriate, occasionally drive folks nuts, or just generally be “too much.”  But honestly, I’ll probably do all that anyway, so I might as well try to do some good while I’m at it!

Some Upcoming Topics Will Be:

  • Getting Started
  • Letting Art Move You
  • Down Ballot Is Where It’s At! Who Knew?
  • Talking to a Candidate 
  • Picking The Best Action For You: Issue, Movement, Organization, or Candidate?
  • Not Being “Good” at Politics/Not Being “Into” Politics
  • The Hurdle of All Hurdles: Being Challenged & Dreading Debating
  • Baby Steps
  • Political Dilettantes Unite!
  • Past Experience & Future Action: Blending Your Talent With Your Action
  • Why Does Politics Seem Like a Bad Word?