Productions & Events

  • My play SPIN has been selected as a finalist in First Run Theatre‘s Reading Festival, and will receive an on-line Zoom reading April 25th, 2021. SPIN also received a virtual reading as a part of Mad Cow Theatre‘s Women’s Voices Mini-Festival September, 2020
  • Check out my newest work, The Air, The Water, and the Space In Between. “Zoe and Alexander meet every year at the same lakefront spot to celebrate each other’s survival. Beginning in one location, Zoe walks with an audience member, sharing the reasons for the yearly meeting. Beginning in an alternate location, Alexander walks with another audience member, sharing his version of the same reasons. These two intimate conversations are held outside, safely, as the four participants move towards each other and towards a startling conclusion“. Read the entire one act HERE
  • I am interviewed by Alexander Utz & Zoe Sjogerman in Avalanche Theatre’s Biannual Fall 2020 issue 
  • I am offering my comedic one act The Before Times and The After Times, A Socially Distant Minor Comedic Odyssey free of charge to any existing theatre company to use as a fundraising, production, or educational program. 
  • Conversation About an Empty Suit opened at Three Brothers Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois, just as the coronavirus was triggering Midwestern shelter-in-place orders. Thusly, it opened Friday night, March 13th, and closed Saturday night, March 14th, 2020
  • An essay about the above was published in the Dramatist Guild blog. Click HERE
  • I’m a resident playwright with Three Brothers Theatre 
  • Madelyn Goes To A Play,” my new YouTube channel offering practical tips and strategies for suburban-residing theatre audiences attending Chicago storefront theatre, is currently on hiatus.