Six Fights on a Summer's Night

An exploration of aging, beauty, death, mental illness, and the power of sisterhood

Six women gather one evening on the back porch of their family summer home. As the sun slowly sets, relationships and conflicts are revealed both through dialogue and different forms of stage combat.

  • Running time: Approximately one hour
  • 6W
  • Lolly – 20s. Kind, funny and very pretty. Professional
  • wedding planner. Youngest sister of Tania and July
  • Greta – 30s. Pragmatic. Two months pregnant, a stay-at-home mother with two small children. A bit weary. Married to Lolly, Tania and July's brother Tommy
  • July – Late 30s. Strong, determined. Middle sister of Tania and Lolly. Married, mother to one young child and a recent breast cancer survivor
  • Marissa – 30s/40s. Recently divorced. A writer, cousin to Tania, July and Lolly
  • Tania - 40s. Battling clinical depression. Oldest sister of July and Lolly
  • Cleo – 60s/70s. Wise and accessible. Mother to Tania, July and Lolly, aunt to Marissa, mother-in-law to Greta

Small and Beautiful

A poetic two person piece, excellent for a short reading, Small and Beautiful is a back-and-forth dialogue between an African woman who makes Kazuri beads and an American woman in recovery. If this piece is performed at a fundraiser or event for any not-for-profit social services organzation which serves women, children and families, royalties will be waived.