July, 2015. That’s when I started my weight loss journey. Since then I’ve lost 50 lbs (yea, me) and am now in the trenches of keeping it off. It’s tricky but I’m figuring it out. Every meal is a navigation, going off the rails for a few meals still leads to that sinking feeling of dread that I’m a failure, it’s all going to pile back on in a month. But I’m cautiously optimistic that just perhaps, this time, I’ve got a system I can live with. Thusly as an act of self-love, belief, and commitment, I am giving clothes away.

Back story first: I have a local consignment shop I adore, Repeat Street. This boutique has kept me clothed and looking as polished as one can on a middle class budget, especially through my weight fluctuations.  So, this fall, as I do the seasonal wardrobe switch, I am taking my good “fat” clothes to Repeat Street. Yes, I can say “fat” clothes because they are mine. It was my fat.

But it is hard, letting some pieces go, even if they clothed the body I struggled with. Because these pieces have been good friends to me. Well made, my style, these jackets, slacks, and dresses have been with me through opening nights, weddings, parties, celebrations and birthdays. They joined me, literally had my back, at too many events to name. In the threads are memories of inspiring conversations, time spent with beloved friends and family, good food and drink, late evenings, hugs, and much love.

Many of the pieces were participants in the Clockwise journey. The bronze jacket with the high collar. The black trench with red embroidery. Both statement pieces with style and big pockets, perfect for opening nights. And oh-so-forgiving in their drape….

But it is time. If I keep these friends in my life, they crowd my closet, taking up physical and emotional room. I need to carve space for the new journey of Contemporary Tarot and (hoped-for) playwright + theatre work. Sure, I could get them altered but this isn’t couture, Armani, or Donna Karan. And as I evolve, I want to bring “new” into my life.

Although I am grateful for having those clothes on my back, it is time to send my old friends out into the world to find another gal. I hope they bring her the confidence they brought me.