Productions & Events

  • My play SPIN is receiving a virtual reading as a part of Mad Cow Theatre’s Women’s Voices Mini-Festival! Thursday, Sept 24 at 6pm CST, 7pm EST. Register HERE. 
  • I am offering my comedic one act The Before Times and The After Times, A Socially Distant Minor Comedic Odyssey free of charge to any existing theatre company to use as a fundraising, production, or educational program. The offer is good from today, August 10th, 2020, to September 1st, 2021. Details here: The Before Times Conditions
  • Conversation About an Empty Suit opened at Three Brothers Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois, just as the coronavirus was triggering Midwestern shelter-in-place orders. Thusly, it opened Friday night, March 13th, and closed Saturday night, March 14th. But good golly, those two performances were GLORIOUS! 

  • An essay about the above was just published in the Dramatist Guild blog. Click HERE

  • Another piece, a lovely feature by Sheryl DeVore, about the wild ride which was the two-performance run, can be found here

  • An except of my play SPIN was published in Avalanche Theatre’s Spring 2020 literary journal.
  • I’m a resident playwright with Three Brothers Theatre 
  • Madelyn Goes To A Play” is my new YouTube channel offering practical tips and strategies for suburban-residing theatre audiences attending Chicago storefront theatre is currently on hiatus. 
  • Taking Turns was mounted at Three Brothers Theatre, April 2018