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Three couples have gathered for a long weekend at a summer cabin. As they eat, socialize, play cards, sunbathe, and talk, their inner selves reveal the vast difference between what people say and how they act, as opposed to what they really think and truly desire.

The costs of ignoring your inner voice or listening too closely to your inner demons are played out against the backdrop of friends enjoying the last weekend of a Midwestern summer.

6W/6M with NO doubling. Yes. TWELVE characters! TALK set is a living room of a summer cabin.

Development: Readings at American Theatre Company, Chicago Dramatists, and Gurnee Theatre Company

“Another Piece of Cake“ is a finalist in Artemisia Theatre’s 2019 Fall Festival

Produced, Citadel Theatre, 2008

Featured Selection Her Rah New Plays Festival

Finalist in the Moondance International Film Festival, play division

  • I’ve been accepted into Three Brothers Theatre two year playwright residency program
  • Special Needs received its second full production at Magnetic Theatre, North Carolina, September-October 2018
  • The Wind Phone had a public reading at The Gift Theatre, August 2018
  • Taking Turns was mounted at Three Brothers Theatre, April 2018