Productions & Events

  • Conversation About an Empty Suit opened at Three Brothers Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois, just as the coronavirus was triggering Midwestern shelter-in-place orders. Thusly, it opened Friday night, March 13th, and closed Saturday night, March 14th. But good golly, those two performances were GLORIOUS! 
  • An essay about the above was just published in the Dramatist Guild blog. Click HERE
  • Another piece, a lovely feature by Sheryl DeVore, about the wild ride which was the two-performance run, can be found here
  • SPIN will maybe, possibly, perhaps receive a reading 7:30PM Saturday, June 13th as a part of Three Brothers Theatre Fresh Scripts play reading series. Directed by Zack Peercy, featuring Tom Mizell, Elizabeth Rude, Zoe Sjogerman, and Allyson Voller
  • Wind Phone was scheduled to receive a staged public reading at Magnetic Theatre in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2020. This probably won’t happen but, hey, it hasn’t been officially cancelled so I’m leaving the possibility up. Playwrights are eternally optimistic folk….
  • I’m a resident playwright with Three Brothers Theatre 
  • Madelyn Goes To A Play” is my new YouTube channel offering practical tips and strategies for suburban-residing theatre audiences attending Chicago storefront theatre is currently on hiatus. 
  • Taking Turns was mounted at Three Brothers Theatre, April 2018