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“Another Piece of Cake”

A comedy about life in the “last” lane

When Diane visits her great-aunt Clara, Clara realizes Diane is reaching an age at which she can actually begin to see the bigger picture of life. So she starts telling Diane what she really thinks. About humanity. Youth. Life. Aging. Rage. Family. This is not what Diane expected from the afternoon. With the arrival of Edward, the UPS delivery guy, the dialogue and memories shift to marriage, sensuality, passion, sexual violence and desire. The final frontier of life, the distant galaxy of aging, is not for the faint of heart. 6W/1M, Single set, community room. 

THIS JUST IN!: “Another Piece of Cake“ is a finalist in Artemisia Theatre’s 2019 Fall Festival

Produced, Citadel Theatre, 2008

Featured Selection Her Rah New Plays Festival

Finalist in the Moondance International Film Festival, play division

  • I’ve been accepted into Three Brothers Theatre two year playwright residency program
  • Special Needs received its second full production at Magnetic Theatre, North Carolina, September-October 2018
  • The Wind Phone had a public reading at The Gift Theatre, August 2018
  • Taking Turns was mounted at Three Brothers Theatre, April 2018