Professional Update

  • The next 2 years, I will be redirecting my writing and energy from playwriting to political activism, working to get local and state progressive Illinois Democrats elected in November midterms and the 2024 General Election.
  • I will also be chronicling my journey into activism and political engagement in more personal essays with a range of content from chatty, anecdotal yammering to grassroots activism insights, and more. I may even start doing some YouTube vids if I get really fired up! (Please note: Although some content will be non-partisan and more universal, my writing comes from me, a lifelong bleeding-heart progressive liberal. You’ve been warned)
  • Although going forward I will be directing my scribe-energy towards progressive candidate and election content, I am very proud of my existing body of theatrical work, and I invite theatres to consider my work for production. Taking Turns, SPIN, Special Needs, The Wind Phone, and Another Piece of Cake are especially suitable for the current production climate, being easy-to-mount life-affirming dramadies with universal themes of self -acceptance, caregiving, tolerance, family, and growth. An added bonus is that a portion of any royalties received will be donated to progressive causes or candidates.